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Delays/Effect Units  |  Reverbs  |  Other Outboard Gear  |  Cue System
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Console:   <top>
     Trident Series 80B
     30x24x2 w/ EQ on the monitor section
     Uptown 990 moving fader automation

Audio Recorders:   <top>
     Radar 24 with session controller 24 bit 96Khz Nyquist cards
     Otari MTR 90 III 2" machine with 24/16 track headstacks
     Ampex ATR 102, 2 track ½" (w/ flux magnetic extended frequency response heads)
      (Totally refurbished by ATR services)
     Ampex ATR 800 ¼" headstack
     Otari MTR 10 II ¼" headstack
     Alesis Masterlink, 2 track master disc recorder (Pair)
     Tascam DA-20 Dat
     Tascam 122 3 head cassette deck
     Nakamichi LX-5 discrete head cassette deck

Mic Preamps:   <top>
     Manley VoxBox Mic Pre/Compressor/De Esser/Limiter/EQ
     Neve 1066 Module
     UA Universal Audio LA-610 MK II -Tube Recording Channel (2)
     FMR Audio RNP 8380 Really Nice Preamp (Stereo)

Compressors:   <top>
      Neve 33609/JD Limiter/Compressor
      Manley Stereo Variable Mu w/T Bar Mod
      Urei 1178 Stereo Peak Limiter
      Q2 Audio ADR Compex
      Urei LA-4 (2)
      Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amp
      Universal Audio UA 1176 LN
      Empirical Labs EL8, Distressor, British/stereo mods (2)
      dbx 160 compressor/limiter (4)
      FMR Audio RNC 1773

Gates:   <top>
     Valley Audio Xgate/NR (4)
     Neve 32257 Background Noise Suppressor

EQ:   <top>
     Neve 1066 module
     Pulse Techniques EQP-1A3 Program Equalizer Tube (2)

Delays/Effect Units:   <top>
      ADA Voltage Controlled Flanger
      Bel Lab Processor Digital BD-80
      Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1
      Eventide Clockworks Instant Phaser PH 101
      Eventide Clockworks Instant Flanger FL 201
      Lexicon PCM 42 digital delay (2)
      Lexicon PCM 70 (version 3)
      Lexiicon PCM80 with Dual FX Card
      Roland Dimension D SDD-320
      Roland RSP-550 Stereo Signal Processor
      Systech Voltage Controlled Flanger 4000A
      TC Electronic TC 2290 Digital Delay + Effects Control Processor
      Ursa Major MSP-126 Multi Tap Stereo Processor
      Yamaha SPX90 Digital Sound Processor

Reverbs:   <top>
      Bricasti Model 7-M Stereo Reverb with Model 10 Remote Control
      Lexicon 224 XL with LARC Remote
      Ibanez SDR 1000 Digital Reverb
      Lawson Audicon Plate reverb (cold rolled steel)
      Echoplate III Plate Reverb (stainless steel)

Other Outboard Gear:   <top>
      API 500 Series 6 Slot Lunchbox
      EXTC500-Radial 500 Series Guitar FX Loop
      XAMP500-Radial 500 Series RE-Amping Distro
      TankDriver-Radial 500 Series Module Spring Reverb Tank Module
      PhazeQ500- Radial 500 Series Phase Adjustment Tool
      Emperical Labs Derresser Model EL-DS (2)
      ADR Audio & Design Recording Panscan

Cue System:   <top>
      Furman Headphone-audio distribution system HDS-16
      Furman Headphone remote mixer HRM-16 (5)
      Sennheiser HD600 headphones
      AKG K240S Semi-Open Monitor Headphones (5)
      Direct Sound Sound Isolating Headphones EX29 (3)
      Vic Firth Isolation Headphones

A/D Converters:   <top>
      Waves Maxx BCL
      Mididman Flying Calf 24 bit S/PDIF A/D Converter

Speakers/Amps:   <top>
      Lipinski L707 upgraded with newest drivers (Pair)
      Altec Lansing Pair 2 15" with horn (Pair)
      Yamaha NS-10M Studio (Pair)
      Dahlquist DQ-10 (Pair)
      Auratone 5C Super-Sound-Cube (Pair)
      Pass Labs X150.5 Stereo Solid State
      Mesa Boogie Baron, Stereo Tube Amp
      Mitsubishi Stereo Power Amplifier Model DA-A15DC
      Mitsubishi Stereo Power Amplifier Model DA-A10DC

Mics:   <top>
      AKG C 414 B-TLII
      AKG C 414 B-ULS (2)
      AKG C 451 E with a CK1-capsule (2)
      AKG D112
      Audio-Technica ATM23HE (4)
      Audio Technica ATM25
      Beyer Dynamic M 201
      Earthworks TC 30K (Matched Pair)
      Earhworks QTC40 (Matched Pair)
      Electro-Voice EV RE20
      Electro Voice EV RE320
      Electro Voice EV 627C
      Electro Voice EV RE55
      Electro Voice EV M-43/U Vintage Harp Mic
      Neumann TLM 103 (Matched Pair)
      RCA Ribbon 74B
      Rode "The Classic" Tube Mic (2)
      Schoeps CMC5 Amplifiers/MK4 Capsules (Matched Pair)
      Sennheiser MD 421 (2)
      Sennheiser MD441U
      Shure KSM44
      Shure Beta 52
      Shure SM57 (2)
      Shure SM57 Unidyne III (2)
      Shure 545SD Unidyne III (2)

Keyboards/MIDI Instruments:   <top>
      Ivors and Pond 7'6" Grand Piano
      Hammond C3 with Bass pedals/Tone cabinet/Leslie 45 Cabinet
      Leslie Model 900 modified
      Rhodes Suitcase MKII 73 Key Electric Piano
      Minimoog Voyager
      Moog Taurus 3 Bass Pedals
      Oberheim Matrix 6
      Roland RD-300S 88 weighted key controller
      Roland GR-500 Guitar Synthesizer with a Roland Synth Guitar
      Sampler E-MU E5000 Ultra
      Yamaha RX7Drum Machine

Amps:   <top>
      Ampeg SVT with 8 by 10 bottom
      Acoustic 370 Bass Amplifier
      Fender 1974 Twin Reverb with Tremolo Silverface
      Fender 1966 Princeton Reverb Blackface
      Fender 1966 Vibro Champ Blackface
      Gibson GA-5
      Marshall 1974 100 watt super lead stack
      Marshall 4X12 Slant (Celestion G12M 25 watt Greenbacks)
      Marshall 4X12 Straight (Celestion G12M 25 watt Greenbacks)
      Marshall JCM 800 Mark II 50 Watt heavily modified half stack
      Marshall 1960B 4X12 Celestion G12T-75
      Roland JC-77 Chorus

Guitars/Bass:   <top>
      Fender American Jazz Bass
      Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
      Fender American Stratocaster
      Gibson ES335
      Gibson SG
      Gibson Les Paul
      Martin D-28 Custom Acoustic

Drumset:   <top>
      Drum Workshop Collector Series maple
     Zildjian Cymbals
     Various Percussion Instruments

Direct boxes/ Test equipment:   <top>
      Radial JDI duplex MK3 (Jensen equipped transformers)
      Radial Passive JDI DI Box w/Jensen Transformer Duplex/Stereo
      Dorrough loudness monitor 40-A
      Tektronix 2236 100 Mhz Oscilloscope
      Peterson VS-II virtual strobe tuner
      Sound Technology 1510A